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Image of Doug Derrickson who offers Marietta voice training that actually rebuilds muscle coordination

Doug Derrickson offers Marietta voice training that actually rebuilds muscle coordination allowing singers to progress to higher levels of vocal success

If you are looking for voice training in Marietta Ga, then you need to study the following recommendation given Doug from Richard Huges, Professor of Vocal Development, Ret. Conservatory of Music, Boston MA.

Doug Derrickson’s methods of Marietta voice training stemmed from his 30 years of study in the Free Voice methods.  His studies center around New York’s most prolific Free Voice instructors. It was from this experience he learned that Free Voice principles transcended much of conventional wisdom prevalent among 21st century vocal theorists and instructors. Under Mr. Derrickson’s teaching, students not only learn how to sing, but of equal or greater importance, they receive instruction that repairs and builds the singing instrument into a highly efficient singing mechanism. The skill required to achieve this is indeed rare among today’s vocal instructors.  If you really want to know how to sing, what Douglas offers is as good as it gets.

Mr. Derrickson’s objective is to create an experience for the student that will significantly improve and perpetuate musical and vocal development. This can consistently be achieved when employing Free Voice as the platform from which the voice building experience is executed. Lessons begin at the heart of the building process; the separation and balancing of the registers. His skillful use of the interacting relationships between pitch, intensity and vowel, produces a consistent pattern of vocal improvement, which is precisely what one looks for in learning how to sing.

Mr. Derrickson received his formal education at Wright State University (Dayton, OH), CCNY (New York, NY) and Cumberland College (Williamsburg, KY) majoring in church music. He is, however, quick to point out the experience that brought about the most profound change in his pursuit of vocal excellence was his private studies in New York.

Teaching is Mr. Derrickson’s profession. It is his passion. I am told that with the exception of the university, Mr. Derrickson is Cobb County’s only full time vocal coach and clinician. I have known Mr. Derrickson for over 40 years and have never known a teacher more motivated to teach students the skills they need to achieve their musical goals and dreams. This is a good and honorable motivation. If you want to learn how to sing, as Doug’s mentor and friend, I fervently recommend him as your vocal coach and workshop clinician.

Richard M. Hughes
Professor of Vocal Development, Ret.
Conservatory of Music, Boston MA.

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    MAJN Vocal Workshops

    • a “crash course” in the function of voice building (See section entitled "Technical Stuff". Workshop participants receive instruction and practical help that brings about actual change in the balance and function of singing instrument. MAJN Workshops provide attendees a track for dynamic and perpetual vocal progress to take place. To get more information contact me at 404-394-9044
  • Church Choirs & Worship Leaders

    • MAJN Vocal Workshops can dramatically change the dynamics and worship of the church worship service! For more information on this please call me at 404-394-9044
    • Private and Public Schools

      • Our seminars teach students how to build their voice into an extraordinary singing machine. Choruses, ensembles, and soloists from private and public schools, universities and colleges, receive the knowledge and practical application needed for years of voice building and technical singing improvement. For more information, please call me at 404-394-9044

        Multi-Church, Area-wide or Denominational Seminars

        • Participating choir members will receive powerful information and practical application that will lay essential ground work for a lifetime of perpetual voice building. Choir practice attendance instantly improves and soon your congregation realizes a breath of new life has been infused into the church music program! For information please call me at 404-394-9044

One on One Voice Coach

Start learning the basics of voice transformation today. Set an appointment with Doug to discuss possible inclusion in his training program. Start learning how to sing in a way you have never imaged. Unlock the freedom to soar to high notes effortlessly. For fee rates and setting Appointment click
For more information please call 404-394-9044

Group Vocal Training

If you are interested in group sessions at a much reduced cost, Doug offers the Voice Builder classes. The class meets once a week. Get more information about this very cost effective way of beginning your voice training. Although not as comprehensive as his one on one voice coaching, it still lays the basic ground work for proper singing.
For more information call 404-394-9044

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