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If you’re searching for voice lessons in Marietta, Ga that teach you the proper way to sing, then you will want to know why Doug’s voice  training is so effective.

Doug’s Marietta Voice Lessons Re-programs The Involuntary Muscle Groups

Marietta music lessons

Doug Derrickson offers Marietta voice lessons for all ages. He feels that voice rebuilding can be done any one during his life.

Below You will find five muscle groups that are used to control the larynx, but only two are used to directly establish pitch, intensity, and the quality and character (color and texture) of tone. These two muscle groups are:

  1. The arytenoid muscle group
  2. The crico-thyroid muscle group

These two muscle groups are the only two that have direct bearing on the production of tone. Therefore, since there are two muscle groups, there exist only two registers. Both Male and Female have two registers that are tied to a particular muscular action of the 2 muscle groups.

  1. The Lower register (commonly referred to as the chest voice) is initiated by the pulling action of the arytenoid muscle group while being the crico-thyroid holds firmly.
  2. The Upper register (commonly referred to as the Falsetto Voice) is initiated by the crico-thyroid muscle group while being held firmly by the arytenoid group of muscles.

There are  differences in sound of the two registers which are more pronounced in the male than the female. The lower register is rough and produces a heavier tone while the upper register produces a light, thin, feminine sound.

The two registers are naturally divided by a break which occurs between E and F above middle C. The break between the two registers results from two different muscular actions of the two muscle groups mentioned above.

Doug’s program focuses on changing the fundamental involuntary responses so that the so-called “break” is erased.

Doug’s vocal techniques Blends The Upper And Lower Register Into One Large Blended Vocal Range.

His Marietta voice lessons is developing new ways of thinking and a total realignment of coordination which results in new vocal responses, new singing habits, and an extended range, maximum resonance and vocal endurance.

Doug’s methods deploy processes of singing through the break between registers. These techniques over time changes the coordination and  process of the involuntary muscles, allowing you to sing without the breaks, creating a blended tone of upper and lower registers and a huge range to boot. You will learn to zip up your vocal cords like a zipper as you travel up the scale from low to high notes, providing a smooth transition from your chest voice to your head voice.

Not all people are alike, while some students of  Doug’s see results in increased range in several months, most have to be patient as they develop over time. You will notice an enrichment of the tone, improved flexibility, pitch accuracy, more agility, better balance, and dramatic increase in range, after applying the techniques learned from his Marietta voice lessons.

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    MAJN Vocal Workshops

    • a “crash course” in the function of voice building (See section entitled "Technical Stuff". Workshop participants receive instruction and practical help that brings about actual change in the balance and function of singing instrument. MAJN Workshops provide attendees a track for dynamic and perpetual vocal progress to take place. To get more information contact me at 404-394-9044
  • Church Choirs & Worship Leaders

    • MAJN Vocal Workshops can dramatically change the dynamics and worship of the church worship service! For more information on this please call me at 404-394-9044
    • Private and Public Schools

      • Our seminars teach students how to build their voice into an extraordinary singing machine. Choruses, ensembles, and soloists from private and public schools, universities and colleges, receive the knowledge and practical application needed for years of voice building and technical singing improvement. For more information, please call me at 404-394-9044

        Multi-Church, Area-wide or Denominational Seminars

        • Participating choir members will receive powerful information and practical application that will lay essential ground work for a lifetime of perpetual voice building. Choir practice attendance instantly improves and soon your congregation realizes a breath of new life has been infused into the church music program! For information please call me at 404-394-9044

One on One Voice Coach

Start learning the basics of voice transformation today. Set an appointment with Doug to discuss possible inclusion in his training program. Start learning how to sing in a way you have never imaged. Unlock the freedom to soar to high notes effortlessly. For fee rates and setting Appointment click
For more information please call 404-394-9044

Group Vocal Training

If you are interested in group sessions at a much reduced cost, Doug offers the Voice Builder classes. The class meets once a week. Get more information about this very cost effective way of beginning your voice training. Although not as comprehensive as his one on one voice coaching, it still lays the basic ground work for proper singing.
For more information call 404-394-9044

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