Nicky’s Experience with Doug’s Marietta vocal lessons

I highly recommend the Marietta vocal lessons Doug provides.  It will have a major impact on the quality of tone and range of your voice.

I highly recommend the Marietta vocal lessons Doug provides. It will have a major impact on the quality of tone and range of your voice.

I was one of those people who revolved around the choir at a church during my tender ages.  There are many people who begin their singing careers like this. Back then I sang in the base section of the choir and as I got older felt pretty limited in my vocal range and talent.

Later in life I developed a love for music and more specifically a love for singing itself. Following my new found inspiration, I decided to pursue singing as a passionate hobby, taking advantage of every opportunity to sing.

Later, when the passion developed, I decided to get professional training to improve my vocal skills.  After four years of intensive training with Doug’s Marietta vocal lessons, I did become a better singer…a lot better than I was before. Within the limitations of my undeveloped vocal cords, vocally I was pretty good. However, I was frustrated with my limitations. At least I thought they were limitations.

As a soloist, I wanted more range and with a base from birth voice box, I thought I was pretty much stuck with this range. At least that’s what I had been told from other people that had far more experience singing than I had at that point. For me to sing anything close to high put a tremendous strain on my vocal cords and would produce hoarseness in short order.

When I started this hobby, I began a quest for information on the dynamics of singing. I wanted to see if there was a solution to my problem. I bought several books written by Cornelius Reid. One in particular really opened my eyes to the truth about ones true ability to sing. The name of the book was “The Free Voice – A guide to natural singing”. This book is so technical it will bore you to tears. The deeper I went into his books the boredom changed to a extreme excitement. I had finally found the information I was looking for and knew that I wasn’t limited after all. It was really a matter of getting training from someone who new the techniques and how to apply them to my situation.

My searches lead me to Doug Derickson.  It delighted me because Doug’s methods of training applied the techniques I read about in the “The Free Voice”.  Then I found out  that he was personally trained by Cornelius Reed itself for years.   Who could be more qualified in Marietta other than Doug Derickson?

Doug’s program radically transformed my voice.  I can now reach notes that only naturally born tenors can reach.  This is saying a lot since I can also sing base notes that only naturally born base singers can reach.  I can do all this without straining my voice.

Now If you’re looking for a radical change in your ability to sing, then Doug is the answer.  Doug’s Marietta vocal lessons will help you achieve levels of success beyond what you can imagine. Make a joyful noise!

Nicky Taylor

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    • a “crash course” in the function of voice building (See section entitled "Technical Stuff". Workshop participants receive instruction and practical help that brings about actual change in the balance and function of singing instrument. MAJN Workshops provide attendees a track for dynamic and perpetual vocal progress to take place. To get more information contact me at 404-394-9044
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If you are interested in group sessions at a much reduced cost, Doug offers the Voice Builder classes. The class meets once a week. Get more information about this very cost effective way of beginning your voice training. Although not as comprehensive as his one on one voice coaching, it still lays the basic ground work for proper singing.
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