The Mystery Voice

Why You Need Doug’s Marietta Vocal Coach Program

Marietta vocal coach lessons from Doug will unlock the mystery voice inside of you.

Doug's Marietta vocal coach lessons can unlock the mystery voice inside of you.

Singing is totally different from all other musical instruments. Most people know how to sing at least to some degree. The person who insists they cannot sing, usually believes that “you either got it or you don’t”! Could this notion possibly be true? If it is, vocal instruction in a whole is not only an extravagant exercise in futility, but a total fraud!

Singing is a learned skill!

Doug uses the Free Voice method as the platform for instruction.  With  Doug’s Marietta vocal coach program, a person who can’t carry a tune in a “cement truck” can learn to sing!

To unlock the mystery of singing, we must  begin at the root of the voice building process.  Today’s conventional instruction targets singing with improved breathing, posture, projection, diction, etc.  However, Doug’s Marietta vocal coach program available as either private or group instruction, targets the singing instrument itself, not the singing, cause not effect, and the results are amazing!
The function of voice is universal.  Unless you have a physical or mental infirmity that would prevent you from learning to sing, your voice can be built or adapted to singing!  To  achieve an acceptable level of singing, the dysfunction must be corrected.  And where does building process begin?  It begins with the registers. And just what is a register?

For the last 300 years, the art of vocal pedagogy has gradually deteriorated to current methods, superficially enhancing the tone rather than teaching proper function of the singing mechanism; targeting effect rather than cause. It seems the prospect of ever “learning to sing” continues to spiral downward into a quagmire of confusing ideas and theories.

Modern teaching methods have been misdirected towards improving the “sound of the singing” and not the instrument that produces the singing. Consequently, students of voice experience improvement in singing skills but little to none in the singing instrument! This leads to doubt and frustration. The student begins to believe that you either got it or you don’t.

The truth is, this whole perception that you cannot sing is a complete fabrication! As we said earlier, each person can sing at least a little and some folks sing quite well. Millions of Americans come together every week to worship and sing hymns together and yet none has ever had a vocal coach. It makes you wonder why people believe that they cannot sing!

The key is in the instrument you use to sing and not the singing itself. Most people have the wrong impression that you can either sing or you cannot. This is rooted in past experiences in which they have been made feel like singing was beyond their abilities and could not be taught. The truth is singing can be taught just as surely as playing the piano or other instrument. I have insisted that I can in fact teach them to sing and still they respond, “You do not know my voice, I couldn’t carry a tune to save my life!”

FALSE! I personally have taught hundreds of students that “couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket” to sing beautifully. Their friends told them they were “tone deaf“! Some became extraordinary singers! The mystery is in knowing how to access the involuntary muscles that control pitch, intensity, and vowel (the components of the voice). Then and only then, will an instructor have the necessary tools needed to separate, balance, blend and even repair a dysfunctional singing instrument. Once the principles that govern the correct physiological function of voice (not singing) are applied, the building and repair process begins! People that have sung in the church choir for thirty years without measurable  improvement, will begin to improve.

To experience dramatic vocal change, the voice must undergo a rebuilding from its very foundation! The registers must be separated, balanced, and blended. The resonance must be adjusted and the vowel purified. It is a process. It takes time but as this process moves forward, the singer will experience extraordinary progress in both singing and the singing instrument! No longer do you need to find songs that “fit” your voice. You possess the technical skills needed to sing songs the way you want, instead of the way you have to. Doug’s Marietta Vocal Coach lessons  delivers “vocal freedom”! Anything less is not freedom at all!

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Doug Derrickson

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    MAJN Vocal Workshops

    • a “crash course” in the function of voice building (See section entitled "Technical Stuff". Workshop participants receive instruction and practical help that brings about actual change in the balance and function of singing instrument. MAJN Workshops provide attendees a track for dynamic and perpetual vocal progress to take place. To get more information contact me at 404-394-9044
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    • MAJN Vocal Workshops can dramatically change the dynamics and worship of the church worship service! For more information on this please call me at 404-394-9044
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      • Our seminars teach students how to build their voice into an extraordinary singing machine. Choruses, ensembles, and soloists from private and public schools, universities and colleges, receive the knowledge and practical application needed for years of voice building and technical singing improvement. For more information, please call me at 404-394-9044

        Multi-Church, Area-wide or Denominational Seminars

        • Participating choir members will receive powerful information and practical application that will lay essential ground work for a lifetime of perpetual voice building. Choir practice attendance instantly improves and soon your congregation realizes a breath of new life has been infused into the church music program! For information please call me at 404-394-9044

One on One Voice Coach

Start learning the basics of voice transformation today. Set an appointment with Doug to discuss possible inclusion in his training program. Start learning how to sing in a way you have never imaged. Unlock the freedom to soar to high notes effortlessly. For fee rates and setting Appointment click
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Group Vocal Training

If you are interested in group sessions at a much reduced cost, Doug offers the Voice Builder classes. The class meets once a week. Get more information about this very cost effective way of beginning your voice training. Although not as comprehensive as his one on one voice coaching, it still lays the basic ground work for proper singing.
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