Professional Marietta Singing Lessons

Doug Derrickson’s methods for voice development offered through his Marietta singing lessons,aren’t anything like what 99% percent of teachers give today. His methods are the only methods that actually build the voice. It actually realigns the muscular imbalances within the laryngeal and pharyngeal cavities. Conventional singing lessons that teach breath control, nasal resonance, and voice placement do nothing to actually build the voice mechanism. His vocal techniques rebuild the voice quickly, freeing up the voice to soar effortlessly to much higher ranges for male and female vocalist. Begin a rebuilding process that can truly make a difference.Continue reading

One on One Voice Coach

Start learning the basics of voice transformation today. Set an appointment with Doug to discuss possible inclusion in his training program. Start learning how to sing in a way you have never imaged. Unlock the freedom to soar to high notes effortlessly. For fee rates and setting Appointment click
For more information please call 404-394-9044

Group Vocal Training

If you are interested in group sessions at a much reduced cost, Doug offers the Voice Builder classes. The class meets once a week. Get more information about this very cost effective way of beginning your voice training. Although not as comprehensive as his one on one voice coaching, it still lays the basic ground work for proper singing.
For more information call 404-394-9044

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